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Player Profiles

Tapin creates rich profiles for all players so that they can build their brand and be discovered. Starting with basic player attributes and statistics players may extend their profile to include an “about”, education and playing experience and linked social accounts and highlight videos.


Our platform tracks player goals, cards and all-star statistics that flow, in aggregate, to all related team, club and competition profiles. Player profile stats will build over time providing a career summary. Additionally, official and field quality and team sportsmanship ratings are tracked as a feedback loop for competition administrators.


Matches may be live scored with real time alerts sent to fans. Beyond basic scheduling and results information, team roster and player level statistics are available including goal scorers and match all-stars.


The football community is passionate and we provide it a place to thrive. Discovering, connecting and sharing experiences with other players, parents and fans is fun and easy.


Group chats and message boards provide users with the tools they need to communicate in a timely and efficient manner. Whether it’s important administrative messages and alerts or two friends catching up on last weekend’s match, we have you covered.


Tapin standings provide a clear view of team performance in a table format that is updated real time as results are submitted post match. For tournaments, real time elimination round brackets keep the crowd up to date as teams advance.


Our season and tournament scheduling features, including group and elimination stage formats, are powerful and flexible.


TapIn has focused on competition and club invitation and open registration flows. We make it easy for players/parents to register and pay and for competition administrators to track revenue.

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