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Who we are?

About Tapin

We are a simple, powerful, engaging and free platform aiming to provide a home for a passionate global football community. Players and fans enjoy schedules, standings, stats, and social features. Administrators get intuitive setup and management tools for clubs, leagues, tournaments, and facilities.
How TapIn was formed?

Origins Story

Our aim is to transcend borders, connecting individuals across the globe through the shared love of football and a common goal of creating positive change. The company’s origins trace back to a project in Haiti where founders saw football’s power for positive change in individuals and communities.
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How we cahnged the game!

What We Do?

TapIn lets players create detailed profiles, connecting them with coaches, competitions and fans worldwide. Our powerful administrative core is wrapped with the social experience players, parents and fans have been waiting for.

TapIn simplifies tasks for players, parents and administrators making everything from tournament organization to player registration effortless and enjoyable.

TapIn provides free tools to minimize club and league costs, while offering new new revenue opportunities. We aim to create content monetization opportunities platform users… from organizations to players and fans.

What features we offer?

Tapin Features

We’re bringing a whole new experience to the global amateur football community. Players, coaches, parents and fans now have a single place to see all information and communicate. And administrators have unified and improved management experience.

Player Registration

Register players and take payments

Team Management

Add and remove players to rosters


Season and tournament scheduling


Track goals, cards and MVPs

Why Choose Us?

Tapin Benefits

Inadequate Registration Systems

FIFA Member territories face lack of registration systems; this hampers efficient management and data collection.

Investment in Youth Football

Investment is prioritized, but attractive to only a few FIFA Members (20.8% male and 12.4% female).

Global Football Industry and Youth Sports Markets

The football industry ranks 19th; Global Youth Sports Markets will reach USD $41.2 billion by 2023.

Meet our leagues!

TapIn Leagues


Ligue Nationale De Football Des Jeunes D’Haiti


TapIn Uganda Youth Football League


TapIn Kenya Youth Football League


TapIn Tanzania Youth Football League

What they are saying?


What they are saying?


Frantzdy Pierrot

Frantzdy Pierrot

It's an important league for the youth who play football. If you aspire to one day play in the Haitian National team like me, you should join this league!

Tommaso T

Tommaso T

We just started using TapIn for our last tournament, and it was fantastic. Not only did they help us with setting things up and support us along the way, but we were able to offer some things that we’ve never had before. Everyone loved seeing stats for goal scores and player of the match, and having social posts just added to the experience. And all for free... it's hard to beat that!

Dr Bernard Ogwel

Dr Bernard Ogwel

We welcome youth football in Uganda once again! Thank you TapIn for choosing to support the children in their footballing careers here in Uganda

Jean P

Jean P

I think I have 4 apps on my phone for my son’s soccer. One’s for our team communication, one is for his league’s standings and schedule, and another is for his videos. I can’t believe that TapIn basically does everything. This is so much easier for me and my husband

Linus Wamanya

Linus Wamanya

Through our partnership with TapIn Mobile Solutions, we will see a massive increase in youth participation and development. Their platform gives us the tools and resources to better identify talent and to grow the game in Uganda

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